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Best 15 Non-Alcoholic Homemade Beverages to Slurp

Best 15 Non-Alcoholic Homemade Beverages to Slurp


” There’s not a man, woman, or child on the face of the earth who doesn’t enjoy a tasty beverage. “

David Letterman

We all need a drink at some point in our lives. It doesn’t have to be an alcohol-fuelled one. It could be the one which soothes your burning heart. Beverages or drinks help you to calm your racing heart or tired brain with its coolness and bring back the calmness you are seeking for. Beverages are easy to make and they don’t require any humongous planning like the dishes you prepare. Just follow your gut instinct and you will never look back. It takes some amount of water or milk and larger portions of your creativity to make an ideal beverage.

Here are the best non-alcoholic homemade beverages to gulp your way to satisfaction.

1. Strawberry Colada Smoothie

Strawberry Colada Beverages

Are you looking for a fruit-layered smoothie to gulp down on a scorched Sunday morning while tanning yourself under the sun? Made from the tempting tropical fruit such as strawberry, perfectly blended with the right amount of sugar along with the tanginess of pineapple and the deft touch of coconut milk, this drink always stands out in the slew of beverages you always crave for. This is an ideal smorgasbord of pina colada with the tasty strawberries which is highly nutritional as well. This drink enriches you with the right amount of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants to drive you till the end of the day without any exhaustion.

Recipe Preparation

  • Smash the strawberries physically or process by blending them in a bender to form a fine puree.
  • Add right amounts of chopped banana pieces, pineapple pieces, coconut milk, and coconut yogurt. Blend them until they are well-mixed.
  • Now, complement the blended mixture by adding an extra amount of coconut milk when needed.
  • Then, spoon the blended mixture of fruits into glasses about 1/3 rd of them and fill the rest of the glass with pureed strawberry mixture and swirl the combination using a butter knife.

The famous summer drink is ready to slurp!

Pro Tip: Always serve the beverage immediately after preparation. Smoothies like these tend to lose their taste and texture immediately. You can add the strawberry puree alternating it with the coconut milk to form intricate patterns that will look great.

Click here to know the full recipe of Strawberry Colada Smoothie.

2. Non-Alcoholic Pineapple Mojito

Pineapple Mojito Beverages

Tropical fruits like pineapples, strawberries are ideal for any smoothie or drink you make. The subtle sourness and tanginess make the beverages more interesting and intriguing. This non-alcoholic drink is churned using grape juice, an ideal alternative for alcohol-containing substances. This refreshing, healthier beverage is an ideal drink to gulp down on a hot summer evening while enjoying the waves caressing the sand beneath them. This mojito has the potential to rejuvenate your kids’ interest in fruits. These kinds of beverages are easy to prepare and are high on nutrition.

Recipe Preparation

  • Grab a small mixing bowl. toss the chopped chunks of pineapple into them and mash the pieces using a steel spoon or a wooden spatula until they are broken. Then, add fresh mint leaves to the mashed mixture and muddle them further to release the needed flavor.
  • Transfer the muddled contents into a glass and fill it with about 1/2 of it. Now, add ice cubes along with lime juice, grape juice, sparkling water, or soda.
  • Taste the mojito before serving. Adjust the sweetness if you want by adding some lemon pieces. Stir it and you are good to go!

Pro Tip: Serve it immediately after preparation. Tastes best when served with fresh homemade grape juice. Don’t opt for store-made juices as they get fermented easily and spoils the beverage.

Click here to know the full recipe of Non-Alcoholic Pineapple Mojito.

3. Salted Caramel Pretzel Milkshake

Caramel Beverages

Undoubtedly, milkshakes are the beverages that give us the heavenly feel whenever we slurp them. The unabashed froth lingering around the brim of the glass coated with dense chocolate syrup, and the subtle blasts of the flavor in your mouth gives you a divine sense of satisfaction. The precise blend of salt and sweet with loads of caramel in the glass is a very spectacular sight for every food lover. With pretzel garnishing, you can up the ante of this quintessential milkshake.

Recipe Preparation

  • Take a long, oval-shaped glass or a jar and throw some pretzels into it. Set it aside for some time.
  • Now, take the recommended amounts of caramel sauce, milk, salted pretzels in a blender, and blend them smoothly without any lumps.
  • Pour it into a glass and garnish it with pretzels, whipped cream, salt, and remaining caramel sauce.

Click here to know the full recipe of Salted Caramel-Pretzel Milkshake.

4. Watermelon Slush

Watermelon Slush Beverages

Watermelon acts as a great refresher during summer. The amount of hydration it provides is humungous. Eating a bland watermelon is tiring as well as boring. Let’s dole out some creativity and make it more interesting! Watermelon goes well with any type of liquid like milk or yogurt. But this beverage is solely intended for people who are lazy to wolf the fruit down but can actively gulp down the whole glass of the juice in seconds. All it takes is a blender, 3 ingredients, and 5 minutes of your time!

Recipe Preparation

  • Chop the big chunk of watermelon into equal pieces. Set the pieces aside for time being.
  • Grab a small-sized bowl and dole out the ingredients like sugar, lime zest, and a couple of ice cubes.
  • Mix the watermelon pieces along with the other ingredients and blend them well. Avoid lumps as much as possible.
  • Garnish the slush with basil leaves, with a couple of slim lime pieces, and serve it immediately.

Click here to know the full recipe of Watermelon Slush.

5. The Perfect Milkshake

Milkshake Beverages

This milkshake is a blank canvas and you are the painter. This milkshake is the rice and you are the curry seeping through every nook and corner and making it vivid and vibrant. Exciting isn’t it? This near to perfect recipe of a milkshake will assist you in unleashing your creativity on a 10-inch glass. You can fill it up with any type of flavors, you can make an ideal blend of the existing ones as well. The main idea behind this milkshake concoction is to give you a precise idea of the ratio of milk to the ice cream to the remaining contents. All said and done, let’s dive in and learn more about it!

Recipe Preparation

  • Take the precise amounts of milk and ice cream and blend them without forming any lumps.
  • Top the milkshake with any kind of fruits, chocolates, and flakes and whatnot!

Pro Tip: Blend it an hour or two before your party animals arrive and spill them into the glasses when the party ignites. If you are short of a blender or too lazy to scour through the layers of your unorganized kitchen, you can smash the ingredients together by using a flat-chested spatula.

Click here to know the full recipe of The Perfect Milkshake.

6. Mocha Milkshake without Ice Cream

Milkshake Beverages

Making a milkshake without ice cream is like cooking a dish without turning the gas on. Weird isn’t it? Don’t hold your breath we got you here. All you need to prepare this heavenly recipe is a good amount of milk, sugar, cocoa and coffee powder, and some nice ice cubes. These ingredients will make sure to fill the void which the ic cream leaves. This beverage will give you the right dose of freshness you deserve during a heavy summer day. The cocoa and caffeine present in the smoothie act as anti-depressants which provides you some sense of relief. So, hop on the recipe train, and let’s discover some amazing details!

Recipe Preparation

  • Add the right quantities of milk, sugar, ice cubes, cocoa powder, and coffee powder and pat on the side to combine well.
  • Blend the above-mentioned quantities for about 2-3 minutes and pour the milkshake into glasses garnished with chocolate syrup on the walls.
  • Top the milkshake with whipped cream, chocolate chips, and miniature Oreo biscuits.

Click here to know the full recipe of Mocha Milkshake without Ice Cream.

7. Blueberry Lemonade


Lemonades can be your ideal wingman during itchy summers. But consuming a bland, old school lemonade on daily basis will force your tastebuds to go awry and cranky at the same time. Stretch your mind boundaries for a while and let’s dive into the world of lemonades perfectly laced with its contemporaries like blueberries, raspberries, or any type of berries you desire. Add some blueberry syrup to the lemonade and you are in for a treat. The precise mixture of blueberries scouring in your mouth along with the tanginess of the lemonades is very exhilarating. The risk is worth taking for the treat!

Recipe Preparation

  • To make the blueberry syrup, mix a cup of sugar and water in a saucepan and boil it over medium heat. Stir it until the sugar is dissolved completely.
  • Toss the blueberries in the water and stir it until the berries boil. Cooldown the mixture by sieving it down by separating the blueberries from the water. Notice that the water has already adapted the color of blueberries and transformed into a thick, slimy substance.
  • In a large glass or pitcher, whisk the syrup, lemonade, and some fine amount of water. Refrigerate it for some time.
  • Top it with some ice and blueberries if you want.

Click here to know the full recipe of Blueberry Lemonade.

8. Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa

Hot Cocoa

Are you on the verge of losing your sanity due to the heavy chocolate cravings but cannot decide on the drink to devour? Are you too good for the stereotype drinks looming around? Longing for a hot, brewing chocolate drink that will flush down your worries with it while passing through the throat? Then, you landed on the correct page to satisfy your cravings. All you require to concoct this fabulous recipe is a chunk of dark chocolate. some fine amount of sugar, milk, cinnamon, and whipped cream. You can serve it in any way you want- spine-chilling cold or sweat-dripping hot! Let’s jump in and get a hang of this classic!

Recipe Preparation

  • Pour the milk onto a medium-sized saucepan and heat until it boils.
  • Add sugar and stir it until dissolved. Add dark chocolate chunks and dissolve them by stirring constantly.
  • Transfer the contents into a glass and complement the brewing milk by mixing some cinnamon powder and cream.
  • Whip some cream onto it and pop some chocolate chips for garnishing. Put a scoop of vanilla ice cream if desired.
  • Serve it piping hot or slurp after cooling it in the refrigerator for some time.

Click here to know the full details of Dark Chocolate Hot Mocha.

9. Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple Mocktail

Wanna bring the house down on party night? On a tiring hunt to please your friends and party acquaintances with a new never-tried-before mocktail? Treat yourself with this non-alcoholic beverage which gives you the burst of cherries along with a hint of mocktail-ness with it. This mocktail can be prepared in two ways- you can put alcohol for elders or up the ante by mixing some amount of lemonade for children. It all depends on the type of grenadines you use for the recipe. Pop some cherries and pierce a chopped time into the rim of the glass for a perfect beach setting.

Recipe Preparation

  • Grab a tall steel glass and toss all the ingredients like soda, grenadine, and some ice cubes into it.
  • Shake it vigorously until the ingredients blend well with each other.
  • Pop a cherry or pour the remaining soda on top of the drink for an extra fizzy look.
  • You can add some store-bought cherry syrup to the mocktail for taste.

Click here to know the full recipe of Shirley Temple.

10. Egg Cream

Egg Cream Float

This delicious float neither contains egg nor cream in it. So, inhale normally there’s no danger here. The impeccable froth with the dash of addictive milk with any syrup of your favorite flavor is not a treat to miss at all. This float will make you nostalgic as every sip of this drink will remind you of the classic soda or beverage shops from the New York of the yesteryear ’80s and ’90s. Ask your parents or any withered old people about this classic float and you will not regret your decision. The profound effect is passing down from generations so don’t ignore this one helluva recipe at all.

Recipe Preparation

  • Pour some amount of seltzer into the glass or bubble it out first.
  • Then, add milk along with some ice cubes and shake it well until blended.
  • To spice it up, add some chocolate syrup or any other desired flavor syrup.
  • Serve it immediately or store it in the refrigerator and slurp it later.

Click here to know the full details of Egg Cream.

11. Cafe Latte Milkshake

Cafe Latte

As mentioned in the starting, making milkshakes is very easy as the ingredients used in these like milk are very flexible and soluble with any type of syrup or puree you add to it. Complementing the milk with any type of coffee ingredients is never a bad move. Coffee and milk always make a great combination even if served piping hot or chilling cold. It is a delightful getaway for many people during the hot summer days. Dollops of whipped cream dancing on the milkshake make it more tempting and electrifying. Nothing beats the satisfaction of making this drink on your own rather than buying it from an outlet.

Recipe Preparation

  • Take a medium or large-sized mixing bowl, drop some amount of milk, cold coffee, chocolate syrup, and blend until its smooth.
  • Pour the contents into a glass or a square-shaped jar decorated by chocolate syrup on its walls.
  • Garnish the milkshake with loads of whipped cream along with some chocolate chips or shavings.
  • Serve it immediately or store the milkshake without any toppings for further slurping

Click here to know the full recipe of Cafe Latte Milkshake.

12. Gourmet Root Beer Float

Root Beer Float

Don’t get baffled because we mentioned the word ‘beer’ here. Root beers cannot be exclusively non- alcoholic but there are variants of it which are free of alcohol. This gourmet concoction is especially for people who are with the likes of blending root beer with the overwhelming vanilla ice cream. This homemade recipe works great for any casual family get-together or you can sip it casually while playing chess or while watching T.V. Make it more interesting by spreading some whipped cream along with cherries on top. So, hop on the recipe rail for some gourmet gathering.

Recipe Preparation

  • Grab a medium or large-sized pint or glass and put some vanilla ice cream which acts as a base for the root beer.
  • Now, pour some amount of root beer carefully without disturbing the delicate texture of the ice cream.
  • Repeat this process if you want the repeating layers of vanilla ice cream and root beer.
  • Whip some thick cream on to the beer milkshake and pop a cherry or two for decoration.
  • Serve it immediately as the root beer will settle down after some time.

Click here to know the full recipe of Gourmet Root Beer Float.

13.Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino Copycat Recipe


Admit it, Starbucks is costly and not everyone can afford it. But, we can’t stop admiring its world-class recipes either. So, we bring you an exact doppelganger of one of the famous Starbuck’s drink right to your kitchen without any charges A perfect blend of coffee, whipped cream, ice cubes, and milk with a touch of signature caramel taste is more than enough for you to try this recipe and make it a successful one. You can add your style to this milkshake concoction and make it worth a while for your friends and family as well. Suit up, let’s get the world of Starbucks home.

Recipe Preparation

  • Toss the mentioned ingredients such as ice cubes, milk, cold coffee, and sugar into a blender.
  • Blend the contents until no lumps are formed and double-check if the contents blended well or not.
  • Transfer the contents into a jar or a glass and whip some cream on it and drizzle some caramel syrup as a topping.
  • Serve it immediately or store the only milkshake without any garnishing for one day and slurp it whenever desired.

Click here to know the full details of Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino Copycat Recipe.

14. Coconut Water and Lime

Coconut Water with Lime

On a vicious hunt for a healthy post-workout drink to rejuvenate your body and to provide relief for your muscles? Then this is the right drink for you. Store-bought drinks provide you the assistance you are seeking for but they are costly as well. One can’t simply buy a crate of energy drinks with the money with which they can spend a fortnight. The light, breezy coconut juice sprinkled with lime zest energizes the electrolytes in the body and keeps you alive and kicking all day long. Get ready to prepare some simple yet powerful energy drink that costs less than a soda you but at a grocery store.

Recipe Preparation

  • Mix salt, lime zest, honey in a tall glass, and shake them manually or using a blender until the ingredients are well mixed especially the honey as it takes a tad bit longer to dissolve and blend.
  • Now add the coconut water and whisk it again.
  • Pour the contents into a glass or a jar and put some basil leaves and lemon pieces into it for garnishing.
  • Serve it immediately as coconut water will turn sour and will lose all the vital properties.

Click here to know the full recipe of Coconut Water and Lime.

15. Authentic Masala Chai

Masala Chai

An authentic, good old chai is the best remedy for itchy cold and running nose which hampers and tampers your daily course. Mix the chai with some homegrown spices such as cardamom, cloves, ginger, and pepper you will not only get the taste but also the nutrients with it. Masala chai is adored by every Indian household. Let’s make the quintessential chai which brightens your day.

Recipe Preparation

  • Take a saucepan and boil water in it.
  • Add ginger, cloves, pepper, cardamom in it. Let the spices diffuse the flavors into the water.
  • Next, add milk, sugar, and brew it for some time.
  • Pour the hot, piping tea into cups and devour it while the heat lasts.

Click here to know the full details of Authentic Masala Chai.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is the best drink for electrolytes?

A.  Electrolytes are minerals that conduct a small electric charge when infused with water. They assist in regulating various body parameters like muscle contraction, hydration, pH level, body balance, and nerve signaling. The electrolyte level in your body must be strictly maintained and monitored. If the levels increase or decrease then you are in danger. However, some activities will cause a shortage of electrolytes in the body.

Here are some of the drinks rich in electrolytes.

  • Coconut Water
  • Milk
  • Watermelon slush or smoothie
  • Homemade Smoothies
  • Electrolyte infused waters and drinks
  • Pedialyte

For more information, click here. 

2. Do bananas have electrolytes?

A. Bananas are one of the best fruits available out in the market. It is a gold mine for people looking for essential vitamins and minerals which help the body in regulating the metabolism and flow of blood. Bananas even help you in getting rid of constipation, a problem that everyone experiences in the normal course of life. Bananas are excellent resources of potassium, vitamin B6, magnesium, and many other minerals that infuse electrolytes in your body.

For more information, click here.

3. What ingredients make energy drinks dangerous?

A. Energy drinks are good for people who work out regularly and are in a dire need of vitamins and minerals which satisfy their need for it. However, energy drinks must be made in keeping some points in mind. Excess of the following components can make your energy drink harmful for your body.

  • Caffeine
  • Sugar and its substitutes
  • High levels of Taurine
  • Excess amounts of B- Vitamin

4. How long does it take for an energy drink to be out of your system?

A. The energy drinks require an average window of 12 hours for the body to completely remove the amount of caffeine conjured up by the body although this even depends upon some individual factors.

For more details, click here.

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